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Robust brand messaging and marketing planning for Data Center and IT Infrastructure leader.



With technology and connectivity now central to all modern building design, PLANNET’s business was expanding into new markets beyond their core data center planning, design, and construction services. With these changes, the company needed to communicate its value to a broader, more segmented range of prospects.


A messaging platform was created to guide all marketing communications, and content to give PLANNET  a clear and persuasive way to deliver their core messages across diverse markets. The effort included a digital marketing playbook and road map to maximize all their digital lead generation efforts.


Within weeks of the launch of PLANNET’s new website, featuring a new brand hierarchy and market-segment specific messaging, the company was generating new prospects and leads directly from their digital marketing, including one of their largest new client acquisition in years. 

Customer Personas

Utilized new segmented buyer profiles for each of core PLANNET’s service areas to guide our messaging and content development for the overarching brand and key business segments. 

Website Design & Development 

New website for PLANNET, featuring updated brand identity and rich, customer-segment specific content, sales funnels primary and secondary CTA's. 

Segmented Content.png

Strategic Messaging Platform

Research and personas served as the basis for the development of a clearly articulated messaging platform for each business unit,  New messaging and brand identity was incorporated in the site architecture and design for the new PLANNET website.

Lead Generating Content

Developed content calendars and content for blog posts and articles to help keep the PLANNET name in front of prospects and customers. Produced e-books and other premium lead-generating PDFs utilized across multiple marketing efforts to attract and engage new prospects. 


Marketing & Media Programs

Created content marketing plan and developed funnels and programs for drip email workflows by customer segment featuring high value e-book, video, and blog content. Created social media and PR strategies. Paid media planning and management included robust Google keyword, display and retargeting ad campaigns with new, highly targeted landing pages that supported all of PLANNET's key services segments.  

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