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StoryBrand is all about how to achieve message clarity so people listen.  It's difficult for people to start talking about their business because they are so close to their products or services. Using the StoryBrand Framework, brands can understand and decode what customers want and tell their story in a way that people can relate to. 


The brain craves clarity and avoids confusion; if customers are confused about what you offer, they'll ignore you and seek somebody who can say it more clearly. When your message is clear, marketing begins to work for you, your employees become a sales force, and your customers speak a message that can spread like wildfire.


Companies that clarify their messages win the marketplace and thrive. 

Brand Tale is ready to put the power of StoryBrand and storytelling to work for your business.

''The more simple and predictable the communication, the easier it is for the brain to digest. Story helps because it is a sense-making mechanism. Essentially, story formulas put everything in order so the brain doesn’t have to work to understand what’s going on.”

Donald Miller

Building a Story Brand

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“In business, if we don’t communicate clearly, we shrink.”

Donald Miller, Building a Story Brand

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