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Create more customers who get you and know they want to do business with you. 

The Stakes of Marketing

The Marketing Tale Spin:


  • You have difficulty connecting with the people you're trying to reach

  • Your prospects don't really understand who you are, what you do, or your value to them

  • You lack a cohesive message and marketing plan, and it feels like you're throwing money away

  • You are missing out on too many opportunities


Does this sound familiar?

Your Tale Matters.

Marketing should be easier and consistently deliver great results. Brand Tale puts you back in control and gives you the edge you need to clarify your message and harness the power of story to simplify, stand out, connect and prosper.

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Brand Tale is Your Guide 

Business leaders face many critical decisions and tasks every day that directly impact their future. Finding a clear marketing message is tricky, and staying on top of marketing is often lost in the shuffle. You're uncertain of your message and direction. You're frustrated, and your business suffers. Imagine if you had a Marketing Sherpa, a wise and experienced guide who can handle all the heavy lifting, has been there, knows what to do, and shows the way? 

For over 20 years, we have guided our clients to connect with the minds and hearts of thousands of people and grow their businesses. As an official StoryBrand Guide, we leverage a powerful 7 step framework for harnessing the timeless magic of storytelling to simplify and focus your messaging and deliver robust marketing and media programs you can count on and work 24/7 365 so you don't have to.  

So, what's your story? Schedule a call today for a complimentary consultation, and let us show you how to unlock the power of your own Brand Tale.

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I founded Brand Tale as a trusted guide to help businesses focus on the three critical parts of marketing: message clarity, marketing planning, and lead generation. Utilizing the power of your story, we outfit you with compelling content and marketing & media programs that work in harmony to connect with more prospects,  nurture more leads, and drive more sales. 

Glenn Davis

Marketing Strategy 

Brand Tale Media



We'll decode what you and your customers are all about and find the right words about your business and brand.


We'll create crystal clear and compelling messaging and content for your website, emails, sales pdfs, social media, ads, and other marketing needs.  


We'll develop and manage marketing funnels and media programs to connect with prospects and customers and get you more business. 

Trusted By: 

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Brand Tale takes great care in tailoring our marketing efforts to consistently attract new customers. Not an ordinary firm, they take a deep dive into your business to truly understand what you do and then customize a marketing plan to hone in on your specific objectives; they have become an extension of our internal marketing team.

Alex S.

Sr VP, Sales & Marketing, PLANNET 


Our Services

Brand Tale Media Services



  • Company/Brand Narrative Development  

  • Messaging Playbooks

  • Sales Collateral & Decks


  • Website Copy & Wireframes

  • Lead Generating PDFs

  • Nurture and Sales Emails

  • Blog Posts & Articles

  • Social Media Content


  • 360 Degree Marketing Plans

  • Marketing & Sales Funnels 

  • Automated Email Campaigns & Workflows 

  • Web Design, Development & SEO 


  • Campaign Planning & Management​

  • Google & MSN Ads

  • Facebook  & Instagram Ads

  • Linked In Advertising

  • Content Advertising Networks 

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StoryBrand:  A Framework For Success 

StoryBrand is a robust, scientifically proven messaging and marketing framework used by thousands of successful businesses and organizations worldwide. Developed by renowned marketer and author Donald Miller, StoryBrand employs the time-tested communication formulas used by storytellers, best-selling authors, and blockbuster Hollywood movies to connect and engage people, and applies them to marketing messaging and programs.  

StoryBrand focuses and simplifies your marketing, finding the right words your customers will truly understand based on their actual reasons and motivations, creating more and better customers who understand what you do and know they want to do business with you.  

Brand Tale is an officially certified StoryBrand Guide, and here to help you put the force behind storytelling to work so you can grow your business and thrive.

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Get Busy. 

How hardworking is your homepage? 

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